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How to Measure an Oval Table

An Oval shaped table is curved around the entire perimeter and has two different symmetries along the length and width axes.


What You'll Need:

- masking tape

- measuring tape

- ruler

- pencil

- notepad


Step 1 - Use masking tape to mark off a quarter of the tabletop, with an edge of the tape precisely along the center of the length and center of the width.


Step 2 - Starting at the center of the table, mark the lengthwise tape at four inch (4") increments. Use a ruler or measuring tape, and a pencil to make sure you don't mark your tabletop permanently. (Your last increment may not be a full 4", depending on the length of your table.)


Step 3 - Using your ruler at the widthwise tape near the edge to ensure accuracy, take a measurement from the first increment to the edge of the table. Make a note of this first measurement.


Step 4 - Continue making measurements along the lengthwise tape, ensuring to keep perfectly perpendicular to the widthwise tape, and noting each one.


Step 5 - Send these measurements, along with the total length and width of your table, for a perfectly fit custom Table Protector!

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