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What Shape Is My Table?

Updated: Oct 12, 2022

Tables come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, whether brand new, vintage, or antique. In order to create a fitted custom cover for your particular table, it's important to identify the correct shape.


Probably the most common and basic shape for dining tables is a rectangle. This shape has right-angle (90°) corners, and sides (length) longer than the ends (width). Square shapes are similar but have identical length and width measurements. Square tables can also have leaf inserts that turn them into rectangle shapes.

Rounded corners are also common in both rectangle and square shapes. The corners are usually a quarter of a perfect circle and measured by the radius.


There are two "boat" shapes - variations on the rectangle but one with curved ends (width) and one with curved sides (length). Large conference tables are popular in this shape.


Round is another very common shape and is a perfect circle with the length and width (or diameter) identical. Oblong shapes can be thought of as a circle cut in half and connected by a straight section. Round tables with leaf extensions that get inserted in the middle are then oblong shaped


Ovals, also known as ellipses, are curved on all sides and have two different symmetries along the length and width axes.


Live Edge tables are hugely popular now and usually have the two long sides showing the natural edge of a wood piece, or this can also be achieved by shaping the edge.


There are myriad other table shapes ranging from geometrics like hexagons and octagons, rectangles with curved sides and ends, corners that are angled instead of rounded, and intricately shaped ones that can't be easily categorized.

All of these and more can be protected!

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