XAVIER Linen Custom Fitted Table Protector (Sizes 4-6)

XAVIER Linen Custom Fitted Table Protector (Sizes 4-6)


This XAVIER Table Protector is made from a rustic linen and polyester fabric with a thick and textural hand, amazing stain resistance, and fashion-forward colors with a washed linen look. Get the beautiful look of natural linen with a softer hand, more resilient character, and fantastic durability in a cover that will keep your table looking its best for much longer.


    You'll need a measuring tape and three measurements for this. See the "Measuring Your Table" diagram in the photo gallery for help and measure to the nearest 1/4" (0.5 cm). Please send me the following measurements in a message when you place your order so I can accurately make your table protector:

    L = the length of the table at its longest part
    W = the width of the table at its widest part
    T = the thickness of the table top not including the apron, if there is one (this will probably be in the 3/4" (2 cm) to 3" (8 cm) range for most tables)


    For Round and Oblong Shaped Tables:

    If the diameter (Ø) of your table is 54" (137cm) or less, use the Size 4 option.
    If the diameter (Ø) of your table is 72" (181cm) or less, use the Size 5 option.
    If the diameter (Ø) of your table is 90" (229cm) or less, use the Size 6 option.

    * Round Table Protectors are constructed slightly different and the Size 5 and 6 options uses a center seam to cover the diameter.


    Snapping a couple pictures is very important so I know exactly what type of table I'm working with and what the edge and corner details look like. Fortunately, this is very easy today with most people having access to a digital camera. Please send a couple good, clear pictures of the overall table, as well as some detail shots of the side and corners to help me make this perfect for you.


    The fabric I use to create your table protector is a very high-quality 85% Polyester and 15% Linen woven exactly as natural linen is - showing subtle variations in each thread to give a more rustic but still luxurious fabric. It is machine-washable, stain-resistant and ironable.

    The fabric has the following certifications and is incredibly safe to have around your family, children and guests:
    * 50,000 Double Rubs Wyzenbeck Method (excellent abrasion resistance and durability)
    * Cleaning Code W (clean fabrics with water-based cleaning agents or water-based foam


    Of course I can accommodate table leaves! If you want your tablecloth to fit with the leaves in, just measure it that way. You can also get multiples in different sizes, one with the leaves in and one out, maybe even different colors for each? That way, your table will be protected whether you're having a bunch of people over, or it's just you. I can also make table leaf protector bags, so that when your leaves are out, you can still make sure the finish wont get any scratches. Contact me for a custom quote on these.

PriceFrom C$239.00