VANCE Vinyl Placemats (Set of 4 or 6)

VANCE Vinyl Placemats (Set of 4 or 6)


*** DISINFECTABLE *** This VANCE Vinyl fabric can be disinfected using household or commercial sanitizers.

This fashionable and unique table covering also serves as a protector for your tabletop, guarding against bumps, scrapes, and scratches. It can be left on continuously, or put it on when you have those "spilly" guests over, when the kids are having playtime or snack time, or when you are working from home and using your table as a desk. It's custom-made to fit snugly and stay securely on your table without the use of ugly fasteners. Sleek and chic, your table will look fabulous and be protected from life's everyday hazards.

These are shipped folded for shipping and will have some creases at first that will relax over time or can be removed with gentle heat application. If you want to avoid creases altogether, choose the "Rolled in a Long Box" upgrade option at checkout. This option will ship rolled around a cardboard tube cut to your table size that is also great for storing your Table Protector when not in use.


    The VANCE vinyl fabric I use to create your table protector is a very high-quality 100% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) with a 100% Polyester soft knit backing. The backing gives this vinyl bump and scratch protection for your table's finish, as well as extra stability and long-term wearability. The vinyl also has a little bit of stretch to it and and a nice weight to make sure that it fits securely on your table without the need for ties or elastics. Cleanup is easy with just some mild soap and water, but is also chemically-resistant to most household cleaners and sanitizers.

    The fabric has the following certifications and is incredibly safe to have around your family, children and guests either indoors or out:

    * 30,000 Double Rubs Wyzenbeck Method (excellent abrasion resistance and durability)
    * ASTM G21 (mildew resistant)
    * California Bulletin 117-Section E (flame resistant)
    * NFPA 260 Class 1 (ignition resistant)
    * Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 302 (burn resistant)
    * UFAC Class 1 (flammability resistant)
    * Anti-Static finish
    * Cleaning Code - Mild Soap and Water

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